Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Older


The number one purpose of makeup is to make us look clean and nourish our skin. but, with the wrong desire of makeup merchandise and sunglasses, the impact may be absolutely contrary. in place of searching natural, you could come to be looking faux and older than you simply are. it’s why it’s important to recognize which makeup errors upload years on your face so that you can correctly avoid them.

Table of Contents

  • Bad Foundation
  • Too Much Blushes
  • Forgetting To Prime
  • Black liner
  • Concealer mistake
  • Highlighting it wrong
  • Final thoughts

Bad foundation:

Foundation needs to be changed as we age, so it’s important to check from time to time that the formula is still working for you. If the shade or texture of the foundation doesn’t match your skin tone and skin type, the foundation won’t blend into the skin as it should. Dryness is a common problem with aging skin, so if your makeup is too thick and dry, your face will look flaky instead of glowing. Try to avoid applying too much foundation on your face, otherwise it will crease into your fine lines and only accentuate imperfections. That’s why it’s a good idea to try a light foundation and also avoid powder ones.

Too Much Blushes:

Applying too much blush is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. While the days of excessive blushing are long gone, you can still see some women loving exaggerated pink cheeks. However, that view does not benefit them. On the contrary, too much blush adds ages to your face and does not give you a naturally fresh look. Makeup without makeup is becoming more and more popular because it promotes naturally rosy cheeks and fresh skin. Also avoid shades that are too brown and too red, as they can look unnatural on the face. Cream formulas are sometimes a much better option, so try them out for amazing results.

Forgetting The Prime:

You cannot have perfect makeup without proper preparation. If you forget to prime your skin, it can be less hydrated and make-up is more likely to crease. Before applying makeup, you should always clean your face and prepare your skin for maquillage. Check out some of Ofra’s top-rated primers to prep your skin for foundation, just like any other product. Apply it after you’ve moisturized your skin but before applying your foundation. This will keep your makeup flawless for hours without making your face look older.

Black Liner:

If you love applying black pencil to your lower lids, you are inadvertently making your face look older. Black liner will only visually make your eyes smaller, and if it’s not of good quality, it will smudge quickly, making you look tired and, in addition, it will add age to you. Instead, opt for a light lash line and apply it to your lower waterline. Switch from black kohl to dark brown eyeshadow.

Concealer mistake:

Dark circles are a real problem for many of us, which is why concealer is our main makeup tool. However, if you fail to choose the right shade and consistency, you can only create the opposite effect. Instead of looking fresh and radiant, you can accentuate flaws instead of covering them up. Therefore, avoid products that are too thick, because the skin under the eyes is seven times thinner than on the rest of the face.

Highlighting it Wrong:

It is true that highlighting your face will give you a radiant and healthy look, but only if you highlight the right places. Avoid accentuating smile lines and eye creases as this can accentuate the crepey texture. So stick to highlighting the cheekbones, the center of the nose and the bow for fuller lips.

Final Thoughts:

Make-up is our best companion in hiding any skin imperfections that we may notice. However, sometimes, with the wrong choice of products and incorrect application, makeup can really turn against us. Therefore, be sure not to make the above-mentioned mistakes so that you can always have fresh and youthful-looking skin.

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